Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Alone and faceless, lost in the crowd
Screaming in silence, thinking out loud
Looked in the mirror, saw someone I didn’t know
When you loose your love, time creeps by ever so slow
Nothing going on and nothing is planned
Fruitless as castles made in the sand
What did I do, where did I go wrong
I’ve heard this before, I think in a song
Emptiness follows my every move
Finding no comfort nor words that will soothe
Loneliness has become my only friend
I fear I will be lonely until my end


It’s been six quick years and so much has changed
It’s been six quick years yet so much remains the same
You gave us some warning, but still left too soon
Alone I stand in a big empty room
Memories and dreams are what were left behind
I saw you today; saw you clearly in my mind