Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning Books

He is a little man hiding under the guise of a religious leader, which makes the entire situation even more ludicrous. He can only express himself and gain his moment of glory through hateful and enciteful actions and deeds.

Burning the Koran does nothing but spread a message of hate to the entire world. The impression of America will be diminished even further by this one mans selfish actions.

If you have to arm yourself to defend your actions, and every important leader in the world is condemning your planned activities for 9/11, then maybe you should rethink your position.

I question the wisdom of your followers, and I also question the integrity and validity of your pulpit. What God fearing congregation condones the use and spread of hate, and a hate filled doctrine?

I only pray that you will see the error in your logic and put an end to this madness.