Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Words of wisdom escape my mind
Painful memories are so unkind
Hardened by strife, Tempered like steel
At times my thoughts are so surreal
Vivid dreams and blurry days
So many hours pass by in a haze
Questions without answers, Bound by faith
A ghost of a human, A living wraith
Blessed by grace, Yet cursed by sin
A boundless spirit, Trapped in a pen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Darkness decends and the shadows grow long
Feeling the pain in a love torn song
Thinking my life has been a waste
All my decisions have been made in haste
Two paths to travel and one of them is wrong
Without a guide I stumble headlong
The mind is seldom willing and my thoughts are uncontrolled
Words cannot seem to console
I'm being chased by demons and I cannot run
I stand like a stone
Very little joy in this life do I find
I am certain I have been left behind
Why I was brought forth I will never know
Now I patiently wait til it is time to go