Saturday, June 30, 2012


Felt this feeling in my chest tonight
Something I've never felt before
Felt light and dizzy for the shortest time
I was not completely sure
The sensation lingered for a bit, It was not pleasant at all
I don't want to feel that sensation again, I'm not ready to hear the call

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Time

A heavy heart and an aching soul
This stress is starting to take its toll
Needed by no-one shunned by all the rest
I surely must be failing this test

Life did not change, still mean as bolt of lightening
Violent mood swings, must be oh so frightening
Mean and nasty and as sharp as barbed wire
Eyes that will set the soul on fire

It happened again, I opened the door
I now sit and stare at an empty floor
I don't want much
I don't like being used
I don't appreciate being abused

We never talk about the things that matter
If we try it ends up in confusion and clatter
Why did you come back, did you want to test my will
Or was it my spirit that you just had to kill

Either way you have done the trick
I am mean and nasty and mortally sick
I will never get better and soon will be done
You will be free of me, free to run