Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Surrounded by the darkness, there is no hope in sight

Running ever faster tried to escape with all my might

Words they feel like daggers, cutting deep into my soul

A piece of me is missing, I don’t know how to make it whole

I meant no harm and I did no wrong yet guilty do I feel

Now I can do nothing more but bow my head and kneel

Every step I take is with my left, instead of moving with my right

I try to speak what is in my heart and it turns into a fight

I was happy in the darkness, then someone turned on the light

Always wrong it seems I am, don’t know if ever I was right

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Faster and faster and faster I go
Spinning round and round
Confusion surrounds me
Emotions overwhelm me
Cannot capture a thought
Don't remember what happiness is
All to familiar with sadness
Don't know where I am headed
Afraid to go alone
Feeling like I lost another piece of my soul
What is it about me
I offend everyone around me
I seem to make people dislike me
What on earth happened to me