Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cedar Point

-The other day I went riding with my brother and a friend. We were bound for a little town named Cedar Point. My brother and I had both come across separate articles referring to an old abandoned Mill sitting right on the Cottonwood River. The road to the town was covered in water, only a couple of inches but still........We rode on to the town and of all places to park, we parked in front of the bank. We each got a soda from the working soda machine, and wandered over to the bridge to take in the sights and drink our sodas. When we were done, we started gathering our stuff up and were about to hit the road when a Kansas State Trooper pulled into town. We had only been there 15-20 minutes and the law arrived.

Now in their defense, there were three of us, we were all on Harleys and dressed in leather, and we did park in front of the bank. Add to that the fact that the town had recently been isolated by high flood waters, it was a Saturday, and it was sundown, and I suppose in someones mind it was wise to be safe and cautious.

The trooper never did bother us, though I did stop him and ask a couple of questions about the local roads. He did say that he didn't get back there much, so it makes me wonder why he was there. He went his way and we went ours, however we did meet a second Trooper racing towards our previous location. He didn't bother us either, but he was in some kind of hurry.

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